Oxidative Stress Lowers Your Lifespan
It may be the case that we should actually give antioxidants more credit that they currently get. That is the conclusion of a recent scientifically conducted trial where antioxidants were put under the scrutinizing microscope and analyzed intensely. The reason for this investigation was not actually to find out whether the oxidization process taking place inside the human body was detrimental to our health or not. Instead, scientists focused on whether or not the oxidizing process itself can be responsible for decreasing the lifespan of certain individuals.

Oxidization inside the body does have a significant effect on the lifespan of an individual, so much so that it is often possible to predict to the difference between the average lifespan of someone who does not consume a decent amount of antioxidants and someone who does.

Imagine The Corrosion Of Metal. Possibly the best illustration of the destructive properties of oxidization is with a piece of metal. If this particular piece of metal hasn't been treated with an antioxidant coat, then over time as the surface of the metal gets exposed to the elements, rust and corrosion will begin to take place. If this is the case with metal - imagine the effects of the identical process on the human body. Our cells are a lot more sophisticated than a slab of metal and much more fragile. Hence, we need to protect then with bio-antioxidants to ensure that the "protective coat" is always in place within our system.

So How Do We Acquire This Protective System? When diet isn't enough trans resveratrol and krill oil supplements are the best sources for antioxidants. Some antioxidants are found in foods and drink we consume, however there are some particular foods where a higher density of antioxidants can be found. ResVida resveratrol in ResLina is 99% pure resveratrol and is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Therefore, to ensure you get enough antioxidants to prevent the dangerous oxidation process from starting, eat plenty of dark color fruits and healthy vegetables and take ResLina and Cardio Pro your best choice for daily supplementation for resveratrol and antioxidants.

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